PASIG Dublin 2012 Draft Agenda
as of September 6, 2012

 Tuesday, Oct. 16 - Optional Workshops 
I. Oracle Technology Day (optional) To RSVP for this optional event, please make your selection on the PASIG registration form.
II. TIMBUS Training Day (optional) To RSVP for this optional event, please make your selection on the PASIG registration form.
Welcome Reception sponsored by University College Dublin, Gresham Hotel
  PASIG Day 1: Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Bootcamp Welcome

Digital Preservation Bootcamp (optional)
To RSVP for this optional event, please make your selection on the PASIG registration form.
Training in concepts, issues, tools, strategies & approaches for Digital Preservation and Archiving. This half day block of training sessions will focus on an introduction to the field and needs in digital preservation, and give attendees a foundation of concepts, terminology, standards and tools used broadly in the field. This half day of "Digital Preservation 101" is open to practitioners of all levels, but will be targeted specifically for those looking to gain exposure to the field.

- Art Pasquinelli, Director, Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Preservation, Oracle - Introduction to PASIG 
- William Kilbride, Executive Director, Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) - Digital Preservation: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started
- Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist & Associate Director, Stanford University Libraries - Digital Preservation in Theory and in Practice 
- Angela Dappert, Senior Project Officer, Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) - Preservation Metadata 
- Pauline Sinclair, Digital Archiving Consultant, Tessella - Understanding Requirements and Implementation from a Vendor Perspective 
Registration & Lunch
1:00pm PASIG Begins
PASIG Welcome
Long-term Digital Preservation Storage Futures
A state-of-the-art review of storage technology and industry trends with a focus on applying these developments to the unique needs of digital preservation and archiving, and systems at scale.

- Chris Wood, Senior Product & Solutions Development Specialist, Oracle, Author - Tiered Storage Architectures and Quality of Service for Cloud Infrastructures 
- Gary Francis, Senior Director, Storage, Oracle - TapeÖItís DeadÖItís AliveÖItís DeadÖItís Alive: Tape Isnít Dead, Itís the One Technology that Stands Between Us and the Data Deluge.
- Open Q&A 
Preservation Research, Breakthroughs and Futures
Current developments and trends in digital preservation research and practice; an opportunity to engage in technology transfer from researchers to practitioners and industry.

- Bram Van der Werf, Executive Director, Open Planets Foundation (OPF) - Connecting the Dots, SCAPE and Other Projects 
- Dr. Wasif Gilani, Senior Researcher/Team Lead, SAP and Coordinator, TIMBUS Project: TIMBUS: Preserving Business Processes
- Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist & Associate Director, Stanford University Libraries - The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) 
- Stacy Kowalczyk, Researcher, Indiana U. - Workflows for Digital Preservation and Curation 
Keynote: Charles Henry, President, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) - Coherence at Scale: Building the New E-Environment that Encompasses Preservation, Curation, Publishing, Access, and Discovery
Evening Reception and Dinner at the Gresham Hotel
 PASIG Day 2: Thursday, October 18, 2012
Preservation & Archiving Architectures and Operations: Practitioners Knowledge Exchange
Structured presentation and comparison of preservation systems design and operation. Detailed overviews of PASIG community members' systems, operating practices, and lessons learned.

- Ed Fay, Digital Library Manager, London School of Economics - Practical Preservation and Planning: Digital Preservation and Digital Library Development at the London School of Economics
- Dr. Matthew Woollard, UK Data Archive - Digital Preservation: One Component of Data Service Infrastructure? A Practitioner's View
- Matthew Addis, Manager, IT Innovation Centre - Long-term Archiving and Retrieval in Aerospace and Defense: LOTAR and RASSC
- Jay Gattuso, Digital Preservation Analyst, National Library of New Zealand- Droid, Pronom Developments at the National Library of New Zealand
Lightning Talks
Participatory presentations on late breaking developments, compelling breakthroughs or burning issues from the PASIG Community 
Lunch and Poster Session
Preservation of Digital Audiovisual Media (recurring PASIG session organized by the PrestoCentre Foundation -
The long-term preservation of digital audiovisual media presents a range of complex technological, organisational, and standards-related issues. This recurring PASIG session organized by the PrestoCentre Foundation, will focus on research efforts, technological solutions and practical challenges in audiovisual preservation. The session targets both media owners and service providers. 

- Marius Snyders, Managing Director, PrestoCentre Foundation Ė Introduction
- Ernst van Velzen, CIO, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - Implementing a Trusted Digital Audiovisual Repository
- Peter Schallauer, Senior Scientist, Joanneum Research - Metadata Mapping and Validation and on Visual Quality Analysis
- Martin Hall-May, Senior Research Engineer, University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre - Planning and Managing Automated Services for Ingest, Storage and Access
- Walter Allasia, Head of Research, EURIX S.r.l. - Standardization Initiatives in Digital Audiovisual Preservation
Deep Dive: Cost of Archiving - Current Practices & Experts Panel
This session will include structured 10 minute presentations on costs and new models for Archiving and Preservation. William Kilbride, Executive Director of the DPC, will moderate an open panel session following the presentations.

- Stephen Abrams, Associate Director, UC Curation Center, California Digital Library - Cost Modeling for Sustainable Curation Services
- Neil Grindley, Programme Manager, Digital Preservation and Records Management, JISC - Calculating the Costs of Curation 
- Neil Beagrie, Charles Beagrie Ltd. - The Costs of Keeping Research Data Safe
- Matthew Addis, Manager, IT Innovation - Cost Model for Forever Storage and Access
Cloud-based Preservation:  Point / Counter-Point
Cloud-based preservation services have sparked plenty of recent debate, with ardent supporters and detractors taking both sides of the discussion. This session will feature 10 minute presentations on current examples of cloud-based preservation services and will be followed by a panel discussion on where and when cloud makes sense, where it doesnít, and gaps that must be closed / questions that must be answered in this space. Michael Nolan of Intel Labs will moderate this session.

- Natasa Milic-Frayling, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research - SCAPE Azure Services for Format Conversion
- Robert Sharpe, Head of Archiving Solutions, Tessella - The Reality of Cloud Computing 
- Jonathan Markow, Chief Strategy Officer, DuraSpace - Cloud Computing Developments
- Peter O'Halloran, Client Services Manager, Irish HEAnet - Cloud-based Preservation: Evaluating the Needs of the Irish Educational Sector
Reception (Out of Hotel) - Dinner on your own
 PASIG Day 3: Friday, October 19, 2012
Keynote: Cliff Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) 
Architecting for Preservation at Scale
Certain types of archives demand a scale that stretches the capacity of many current preservation repositories. This session will focus on cases studies of how three different domains have responded to scaling demands: Web Archiving, Media, and Research Data.

- Thomas Ledoux, Engineer, Bibliotheque nationale de France - BnF Architecture and Directions
- Neil Jefferies, R&D Project Manager, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford U. - Research Data Management Directions 
- Jason Pierson, Product Manager, Digital Preservation, Family Search - Overview of the Family Search Architecture
Trends and Developments - Interactive Discussion
Bram van der Werf will summarize the conference discussions and move this into a panel discussion on future developments. Much recent work has been done in the space of emulation that challenges the conventional wisdom on file format characterization, virtualization, and migration. This session will focus present on some of these developments, especially as they apply to forensic processing of legacy files and media, and explore the implications for characterization and long-term access strategies. This session will be moderated by Bram Van der Werf, Executive Director, Open Planets Foundation.

- Bram Van der Werf, Executive Director, Open Planets Foundation
- Chris Wood, Senior Product & Solutions Development Specialist, Oracle, Author
- Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist & Associate Director, Stanford University Libraries 
- Jens Lusebrink, Sales Consultant, Content Management, Oracle
Wrap up and Adjourn
PASIG Steering Committee Futures Discussion
Optional visit to the Long Hall, Trinity College Dublin