Digital Preservation NetworkDPN Workshop (Free Optional Event)
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A half-day member meeting of the Digital Preservation Network (DPN), will offer DPN Members and other interested parties the opportunity to drill down into the network's emerging architecture and service model. 

DPN is being built to serve as a preservation backbone for digital information for research and scholarship. It knits together a handful of large-scale preservation repositories, which provide reciprocal, "dark" archiving services to each other. Together, the DPN Nodes form a heterogeneous network of secure, trustworthy digital archives, each operated under diverse geographical, organizational, financial, and technical regimes. Robust (bit) auditing and repair functions ensure the fixity of content over time. Intellectual property agreements ensure the succession of rights to use of the content through the Network in the event of dissolution or divestment of content by the original depositor and/or archive. This half-day session will provide a deep dive into the DPN design, architecture and service model. DPN Member organizations are especially encouraged to send technical representatives t! o this int eractive workshop, to review, discuss and help season the emerging framework with DPN's core technical team.

To RSVP for this optional event, please make your selection on the PASIG registration form